Ultimate Seller checklist

  1. Tidy Up - Buyers are always looking for a home for the best price with the most space. Packing up those knick knacks & removing over-sized pieces of furniture will allow your house to appear more spacious. A rule of thumb we use is, on all flat surfaces (tables, counter tops, etc.) there should only be one item, or cluster of items to prevent the home from looking cluttered. Additionally, packing up the area rugs and runners will allow buyers to see flooring from start to finish making the home appear larger.
  2. Make N E C E S S A R Y repairs - Touching up paint, swapping out light bulbs, and tightening loose screws are some of the small, inexpensive improvements to help your home sell fast. We get asked all the time if remodeling their kitchen and/or bathrooms will help the value and yes, it will, but most of the time you wont make your money back. It is very similar to driving a new car off the lot, the resale value is never the same. Our advice is to do the inexpensive improvements (if necessary) and make the most amount of money off your house in its current condition and let the new owners design the house the way they want to.
  3. Create Curb Appeal - The front of your house is the first thing Buyers are going to see, and we want them to have a good impression. It should look well cared for and groomed. Trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn, possibly planting some flowers will give your home a welcoming look. No need to spend a fortune landscaping, we are advocates for making due with what you already have! 
  4. Hire the RIGHT agent - This is the most important part of selling your house. It is important for you to connect with your realtor on more than just a business level, that way you know that they truly understand what is important to you. Additionally, finding an agent that can meet your expectations and help you achieve your goals. A couple questions you could ask that agent(s) you interview are: 1) What type of marketing will you do for my home? 2) How do you plan on getting me the most amount of money? 3) What is my home worth? 4) Will you guarantee my home to sell? Any agent should be prepared to answer these questions. They should also come ready with a plan of action or timeline. If they don't come prepared to show you a plan for your house, chances are, they have no plan.