Renter replacement program

Stuck in a lease that you wish you could get out of? Have no fear, our Renter Replacement Program is Here! We meet clients all the time who are looking to buy a house, but are scheduling their home purchase around their lease end date. Is that really the right choice for you? Maybe you’re still saving for a down payment and by your lease end date you’ll have the money, great! That’s probably right for you.

If you’re waiting until your lease is up because you don’t want to pay the extra fee for breaking your lease, the Renter Replacement Program is for you. When you buy a home with us and need to get out of your lease agreement, we will find a new, qualified tenant for the landlord at no cost. You save money, the landlord saves money, it’s a win-win.

Don’t forget to check out our Buyers Guarantee for added peace of mind!

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