March Market Update

Happy Wednesday!

Competition for Sellers is almost non-existent for those priced under $1,000,000, and that means the market is HOT. Fresh inventory is so badly wanted + needed, that Buyers are paying a premium for properties that come to the market when they're priced right. Keep in mind, Buyers are keeping a close eye on that interest rate as it has been on the rise for the last few months; As that goes up, we may see a lot more Sellers come to the market in hopes to beat the potential drop in price an increased interest rate may cause. It is an incredible opportunity for Seller's to get top dollar for their home right now because there is such low inventory. Waiting until Summer time when the market is flooded with new inventory may not be the best strategy if you're looking for top dollar. Now, for homes that top $1,500,000 in price, the market cools down and becomes a great opportunity for Buyers. Over pricing in this price range can be detrimental to Selling as Buyers have a wide choice of homes to choose from. At The Adams Group, we pride ourselves on being the Pricing Experts, we are so confident in our pricing, we will guarantee to sell your home, at an agreed upon price, within 21 days, or we don't charge for our services. Call us for more information.


3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // South Huntington Beach (we have several buyers)

1-2 Bedroom Condo/Townhouse // South Huntington Beach

3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // Tustin Area

**We offer all our buyers a Guarantee to Love it, ask us how it works!**