February Market Update

Single Family Homes

Just since last month demand has significantly increased in all price ranges of themarket! In January, 1,895 Single Family homes were listed in Orange County... That is 970 MORE than the listings that came to the market in December. To add, more than 40% of those listings taken in January are either in escrow or closed. Home value is still on the rise, but only for those who list at the right price. We ran the numbers & for South Huntington Beach (a perfect micro market for Orange County) those who sold their home in under 30 days on average made SIX PERCENT MORE than those who sold in 31 days or more. The longer your home sits on the market, the less attention it gets and Buyers start to wonder, "whats wrong with it?". It is so important that the agent you choose to represent you has a game plan to get you the most amount of money, with the least amount of time on the market. Although we are still in a Sellers Market, condition plays such a huge part in a Buyer placing an offer on a property. We're not saying your home must look like an HGTV commercial, but its important that the price matches the condition of the house, and we're happy to help give some simple tips on getting your house "sale ready".

Condos + Townhomes

Condos + Townhomes, just like Single Family Homes, are still on the rise in value! We keep hearing people say, "I've thought of buying a condo, but I want to save to buy a single family home". I'll admit, I once thought this way too. Here's the kicker, while you're "saving for a condo" in your apartment, you're paying SOMEONE ELSE. If that isn't reason enough, your landlord has the ability to raise rent at the end of your lease, and if you're month to month, they can raise it whenever they want (with proper notice). Buying a condo or townhome is the perfect stepping stone to a single family home and gives you a fixed payment over time against inflation. The market is perfect for buyers because interest rates are still low! You may have some competition due to the affordability factor of condos in Orange County, but with a good agent skilled in negotiating and great agent relationships on your side, you're sure to find the perfect place.


3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // South Huntington Beach

3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // Huntington Beach, Westminster

3 Bedroom // 1+ Bathroom // Single Family Home // Huntington Beach. Garden Grove, Westminster, Orange

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