How to choose your REALTOR

How does one even find their real estate agent? Well, most people find their Real Estate Agent(s) through word of mouth, advertising of some kind, open house, or occasionally organically. Great! Now you've found someone to either list your home or find your new home, but wait, how do you know if this agent is the right agent for you + your family? Real Estate Agents aren't a one size fits all type of deal, some do much more than others in order to help you achieve your goals + some do the bare minimum in order to get paid.

Step 1 - Have a meeting. Whether you're buying your first home or 17th home or selling your current home, it's always a good idea to have a meeting with your potential agent. During this meeting your agent should be prepared to explain to you how they run their business (how they find/sell homes, marketing strategy, etc.) + answer any questions you have about the process. You can tell a lot about how an agent operates their business by how they conduct their appointments.

Step 2 - ASK QUESTIONS! Don't be afraid to ask your agent questions about the buying or selling process even if they seem obvious. We don't expect you to know all the details. Your agent should never make you feel dumb for asking questions, and if they do, there are plenty out there that will treat you with respect + be happy to answer any and all questions. Also, get to know your agent with your questions! Having meshing personalities is so important, you are going to be talking to this person a lot over the next couple months, so you better like them!

Step 3 - Sign an agreement. I'll start off with the listing side since that's the most common time to sign an agreement. Once you've decided on the agent you want to list your house you'll sign a Residential Listing Agreement. This is binding between the agent(s) and Seller(s) to list their home for a mutually agreed on amount of time, for a mutually agreed on percentage of money offered to the Listing Agent as well as to the Selling Agent (agent who brings the buyer). Once this is signed, it allows the agent to get started on their marketing strategy to get you top dollar for your home. Now, if you're buying a home it is still a very good idea to sign a contract with your agent although not required. The benefit to you signing a contract with an agent as a buyer is the agent that you met with + liked + want to hire is now bound to do their best to find you a home. They now have a fiduciary duty to you to act in the best interest of you. This goes back to the asking questions step, dig into your agent to find out what they're going to do to find you this home that other agents might not do. It's also assuring for the agent to know you're just as committed to them as they are to you. (I have a funny dating analogy for this that you'll hear in our appointment)

There are so many different personality types. Choose your agent the way you would choose your friends, it will be a much more pleasurable + comfortable experience! Now since I mentioned the friend term, if you have a friend who has their Real Estate License and you're using them to buy or sell, we still advise you to follow these steps with them to see if they're the right Real Estate Agent for you! There's nothing worse than hiring a friend + then having to fire said friend because they're a part-time Real Estate Agent or maybe just not fulfilling promises. Let me also add the benefit of hiring a T E A M. You're not hiring one single agent to do the job, you're hiring a team of them! Hence, more opportunity for YOU! We hope this was a helpful read + if you have any further questions feel free to give us a ring or you can email me directly at

December Market Update

First things first... Happy Holidays!


Single Family Homes

How time flies! The end of the year is H E R E ! As the year comes to a close, we definitely have less inventory than the last few months (if you can even believe that!), but the demand has not dropped one bit. In fact, it has increased, even in the luxury market. Even with the holidays right around the corner, buyers are still actively looking + making offers of homes, so don't wait until the new year to list if you're thinking of selling! Even if you were to list your home TODAY, your home would likely not close escrow (unless you get a cash buyer) until the new year, AKA after the holidays! There is not a whole lot of competition right now being that inventory is so low, selling now is the perfect opportunity for you to get top dollar + a motivated buyer.

SOLD Westmoreland.png

Condos + Townhomes

Demand, demand, demand! In Orange County condos fall into the affordable range for most people making them the most wanted. Demand has risen over the past few months + the holidays surely aren't slowing that demand down. We are personally working with a few buyers looking to buy ASAP but the competition is stiff! Cash buyers are coming out of the woodwork + these multiple offer situations are no joke. Having an experienced agent representing you, whether you're a buyer or a seller is imperative to your transaction.

SOLD Briarglen Loop.png


3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // Huntington Beach (2 different buyers)

3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // South Huntington Beach

2-3 Bedroom // Condo/Townhouse // Huntington Beach

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In Escrow! Buffalo.png

Why Should You Get Pre-Approved?

I cannot tell you how many clients & friends I have come across that ask "Why do I need to talk to a lender or my bank? I'm just getting started!" It's completely understandable to not want to talk to someone until you see what's actually out there on the market, and learn more about what you're getting yourself into!

But here's the kicker, what if you found the most perfect home (or investment) that day when you were out "just looking"? Unless you're paying all cash, you're going to need a pre-approval letter from a bank or private lender to submit with your offer. In this market, we are so low on inventory that you're going to see multiple offers on well priced properties and a lot of agents actually won't even look at your offer if there is not a pre-approval attached to it.

Now what is a pre-approval you ask? In short, a pre-approval is documentation provided by a loan officer of exactly how much mortgage you are approved to borrow. The first step is to be pre-qualified, you will fill out a loan application and your loan officer, based on the numbers you provided for income, debt, assets, etc. they can give you a qualification letter. This is not the same as a pre-approval. Taking it to the next step, you will provide documentation to back your numbers, your lender will do an extensive check on your financial background, and asses the future necessity of your job in some cases. Once all the steps provided by your lender have been completed, you are given a Pre-Approval Letter and can officially begin your home search in the price range you are qualified to buy in!

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A very logical question most people ask themselves, do I keep renting or do I buy? The thought of buying a home can be scary, trust me, we know! But what if we told you how much money you're LOSING when you rent? Sure, in the short term renting seems like a great idea; Calling upon someone else to fix your household problems, moving whenever you want, cheaper monthly payments (if you're lucky). What if we told you, over 10 years you were losing over $200,000? That is A LOT of money to lose to "not have to deal" with buying a house! Oh, you're a numbers person? See below.

 This graph is comparing buying a $450,000 condo/townhome with a $350 HOA to having a $2,300 monthly rent payment.

This graph is comparing buying a $450,000 condo/townhome with a $350 HOA to having a $2,300 monthly rent payment.

That is almost $300,000. Your new monthly payment for your MORTGAGE would be about $2,800 per month. Not only are you investing in yourself when you purchase, but you also get a nice tax write off for owning a home. What would happen if your landlord raised rent 5% next year? There is no rent control in Orange County. Would you still be able to afford to live there? Because last year on average in California, rents increased 4.9%. How much do you think they will go up this year with inventory being so low & millennials being so accustomed to "luxury living"? The beauty of owning your own home is you create a fixed payment overtime against inflation for yourself! There are just so many benefits & possibilities when it comes to homeownership we just want to lay it all out there. As a millennial, I personally know a ton of people who don't think they'll ever have the ability to buy, or think they need to move to Nebraska to be able to afford, & I can't tell you how wrong a lot of them are! Talk to a professional, get educated, & INVEST IN YOURSELF.

-Megan Gullotta, Realtor

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November Market Update

Holiday's are a wonderful time to spend with family & friends to enjoy each other's company as well coming together to be thankful for one another. We at The Adams Group are so thankful for our clients & the people we meet while we are out in the communities we plan to give back a little this year. Reply to this email with your mailing address & you will receive a little something in the mail from us within the next month. 

Now on to the update!

SOLD Cape Verde.png

Single Family Homes

We're seeing a slight rise in demand in all aspects of the market, especially for Single Family Homes! With buyers who have been shopping around for quite some time & seller's trying to sell before the holidays are officially here, inventory is decreasing (if you can believe that). We have 490 LESS homes on the market this month than we did at this time last month. If you're considering downsizing, upsizing, moving out of the state, now is the time! Remember, escrows run about 45 days from acceptance, so you wouldn't move for about a month and a half after you've entered escrow. Our main goal is to provide you information, whether now is the time for you or not, we're here to help. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have, we're happy to answer them. 

In Escrow - Westmoreland.png

Condos + Townhomes

Whether you're considering buying or selling a condo, now is the best time to do so. We cannot stress enough to first time homebuyers how valuable homeownership is. With interest rates as low as they are, more people should be taking advantage of it! In a recent update from our lender, Dean Rathbun, interest rates are on the rise. What does this mean for buyers? It means that you're going to start paying more towards interest, than towards equity. As for sellers, our market is at an all time high. Now is the perfect time to cash in on your investment and trade up to something bigger! If you're not sure about your home value, we're here to help. We offer home evaluations using appraisal guidelines, free of charge. 

In Escrow! Briarglen.png


3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // South Huntington Beach

3+ Bedroom // Single Family Home // Huntington Beach, Westminster

3 Bedroom // 1+ Bathroom // Single Family Home // Huntington Beach. Garden Grove, Westminster, Orange

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6 Best DIY Tips

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your home more presentable to sell! Check out these simple DIY Tips

Imagine you’re seeing your home for the first time. Make sure it looks clean and inviting by clearing the sidewalks, and trimming or updating the landscaping.

Pro Tip: Buyers are naturally drawn to unique front doors, so consider painting yours a complementary, fresh color like teal, red or yellow.

Instead of repainting your home, try powerwashing it to freshen the exterior. Paint the trim (preferably white) to give it an extra pop.

Exception: If your home is red or brown, you may want to consider
repainting it. Those are the least popular colors for potential buyers. The most popular home exterior colors are white and yellow.

Try to avoid repainting every room, if you can. Focus on touching
up the areas with scuffs (door frames especially) or holes from previous wall hangings.
Exception: It’s important that your wall colors be neutral so buyers can see your home as a clean slate. If you have bold or loud walls, repaint the rooms so they don’t stand out. And yes, this includes kids’ rooms.

4. WASH YOUR WINDOWS                                                              Buyers “love” light and there’s no easier way to add light to a room than to make sure the windows are clean. Be sure to wash both inside and outside, and consider hiring a professional if you have
hard-to-reach windows.
Pro Tip: You’ll save money and see less streaking when you use newspaper instead of paper towels.

Buyers love an updated kitchen, but it’s not worth your money to gut the whole thing. If you have old wooden cabinets, consider painting them white, and adding new hardware and a chic backsplash. If your lighting fixtures scream mid-90’s, replace them with inexpensive modern versions.
Pro Tip: The cheapest way to create a modern look in an outdated
kitchen is to replace your countertops with — gasp! — laminate. While your current laminate is probably outdated, a variety of
fresh laminate countertop options are available at a fraction of the cost of marble or granite.

The last thing you want potential buyers to think is that you don’t have enough storage in your home. If need be, rent a storage unit for any furniture or boxes that don’t fit easily in your home and garage. Buyers may need a certain number of garage spaces for their vehicles or even a boat, so it’s important they see each stall ready for use.

Unless you’re planning to stay in your home for a few years, don’t
bother with an addition or attic upgrade, home office revamp, swimming pool or full kitchen remodel. These projects will cost more than they’ll earn you back upon resale. As long as your list price matches the condition of your home you will be set up for a quick sale & for top dollar.



4th Annual Surf City Charity Golf Classic

Come out for some Golf, Food, & Drinks!

Keller Williams Huntington Beach is putting on our 4th Annual Charity Golf Event! All proceeds go to several wonderful charities including Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Marines 1/1 Foundation, The First Tee, and more.

There will be a Silent Auction, Putting Contest, Helicopter Ball Drop, Dinner, & Awards!

Don't miss out on this wonderful event supporting some great causes. Visit for more information or to register for the Golf Tournament.


October Market Update

Single Family Homes

Holidays are approaching! We all know that means the motivated houses sell + the less motivated come off the market. Sellers, NOW IS THE TIME! There are many qualified buyers who didn't get into their new homes over the summer + are looking to buy NOW. With inventory + interest rates still low, the opportunity to sell for the most amount of money is still upon us. Ask us for a free home evaluation to see what your home is worth or simply click the button below. Although still a sellers market under 1 million, homes are sitting a little longer than over the summer time (on average 20-25 days). We can't stress enough how important pricing your home correctly is! Starting your price high with a goal of meeting somewhere in the middle isn't usually the best strategy, statistics show that sellers generally LOSE more money when they overprice than when they value price or price at fair market value.

Condos + Townhomes

With just over 1300 active properties in Orange County, and 873 properties closing last month, it's safe to say we are still in a seller's market! The demand is still strong, homes aren't lasting on the market very long (on average under 20 days). It is a great time to trade up to a bigger home with interest rates still low + having the opportunity to maximize on your investment. With the right pricing + marketing, we are confident we will get you top dollar for your home. Check out our website or ask us about our Price Integrity Guarantee.

Just Listed!

5821 Westmoreland Circle, Westminster

4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / 1617 SqFt



For Sale!

1534 Margarita Dr, Redlands

4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / 2704 SqFt


Closing This Month!

3195 Cape Verde Place, Costa Mesa

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / 2637 SqFt